° 1971

Born in Seoul (KR), lives in Seoul (KR), lives in Berlin (DE).

Haegue Yang exemplifies the paradigm shift that has taken place in terms of the intelligence artists are using to redefine questions of identity. Using art as a form of poetic activism, Yang entwines numerous understandings of the notion of identity, from feminist discourses to ideas of migration, social class and displacement. This ‘intersectionality’ describing the relations between experiences, power structures and society, operates in her multi-faceted practice on a formal level of abstraction. Combining numerous items traditionally found within domestic spaces – such as furniture, lights, stands and blinds – different materials, natural and artificial, are encouraged to co-exist. Often the works even adopt some anthropomorphic characteristics, allowing the viewer to take on an implied role in forming subjective relations to works, as well as to each other, via the experiential settings she creates. (NH)


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