Inge Godelaine

° 1964

Born in BE.

Inge Godelaine (°1964) has been working for many years as an independent filmmaker and used to work for the Belgian artist and “iconoclast” Jef Geys.

As a filmmaker, she realises a number of reports and documentaries about actions of the Campish artist, such as the project "Villa Wintermans", which he realised at the biennial exhibition in São Paulo in 1991. One of the most complex public projects the artist ever set up, making a visual connection between art and society. In the middle of the favelas of this Brazilian metropolis, he built a wooden replica – on a scale 1/3 – of the Flemish modernist villa of the cigar manufacturer Wintermans from Balen, putting it at the disposal of the nearby residents for setting up a school. In the bustle of the official art scene of this biennial, this anachronistic intervention almost goes completely unnoticed, and when Inge Godelaine proceeds to search for remnants of the villa in São Paulo in 2006, it appears as though nothing, but a few vague memories remain.

At the same time, the documentary is an echo of a forgotten artistic deed and a registration of the local time and place, which lies completely in line with the oeuvre the artist who instigated this project.

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