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"I put on a linen smock, always the same. I measure the place with my body by lying down on the floor and by drawing a chalk line behind my head. I count with one or two witnesses the number of ORLAN-Body contained in this space. I write the report - I collect water - I take off my smock, I wash it in public - I take samples of this dirty water, samples that will be tagged, numbered, sealed with sealing wax. I present in galleries or in museums those samples, the reports, the pictures, the video tape, the commemorative plaque, the life-size effigy from the last pose, the smock, the ORLAN-Body unit stick..., that embody this work." - ORLAN

This presentation is not the documentation of what she has previously experienced – in the performances – but a continuation thereof. For ORLAN, art is an encounter, between herself and other people.

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