Koen van den Broek


Painting, 158 x 154 cm.
Materials: oil on canvas

Collection: Courtesy privécollectie Dirk en Sabine Boone-Denys.

Trona is a desolate place not far from Death Valley in California. In the glaring midday sun, Koen van den Broek shot an overexposed Polaroid there which evokes the hallucinatory heat. The painting based on the photograph shows the scorching sun in all its glory, portraying a blurred view of reality. Except for some vague contours, the church is all but missing; only the cross was retained. A sign that, in terms of current significance, it is certainly not inferior to the Twin Towers. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui chose this work as an image of the East production with work by choreographers who straddle East and West and draw inspiration from the fusion of these cultures. For the occasion, Cherkaoui made a creation based on Fauré's Requiem.

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