Harnessed Swimmer

Dominik Lejman


Installation, 170 x 210 cm.
Materials: acrylic, canvas, video projection

Collection: Courtesy of the artist / Galerie Zaki Branicka.

In the montage Harnessed Swimmer from 2009, the spectator is confronted with a black rectangle in an unusual perspective, set within a light grey colour plane. An old man is swimming with all his might in the painted rectangle in the centre of the image. Despite all the effort, he remains in the same spot. There is a belt around his shoulders that keeps him tied to the edge of the pool. The image focuses exclusively on the movements of the swimmer, making the harness that restrains him a brutal, disturbing factor. In the exhibition, the portrait of the older man is hung between the portraits of Jordaens and Zurbaràn, and is reflected in the mirror structure of Arocha & Schraenen.

Text: Hans Willemse
Translations: Michael Weert

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