MesuRAGE au Musée Andy Warhol, Pittsburgh




ORLAN reactivates the ORLAN-Body Actions in a reenactment of the institutions MeasuRAGEs at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh on the occasion of the Factory Direct exhibition. The concept of this MeasuRAGE is to measure the work of the body during the artist’s act of creation. This new MeasuRAGE is augmented with the records from ORLAN’s body obtained through the use of electronic armbands. The movie of ORLAN’s performance is shown with two 3D visualizations : two virtual models of ORLAN’s flayed body (left and right sides) show the action from a scientific and analytic angle. The Andy Warhol museum associated ORLAN with the BODYMEDIA company. This Pittsburgh based company produces electronic armbands that allow the watching and recording of data such as the spent calories, emitted heat, heart pace, action strength and intensity etc.

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