Luc Tuymans


Print, 5 x (70 x 50 cm).
Materials: portfolio of 5 lithographs on Velin d ‘Arches

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. UFO97).

Aquisition on behalf of the Flemish Comunity. This series depicts ceramic plates from the artist’s personal collection. The dinner plates, Eastern European in origin, refer to the local ceramics industry that was once a symbol of national pride during the communist era. Ed of 50. Numbered and signed by the artist on the cover sheet of the portfolio.

Series printed after the painting Plate of 2011. Plates is evoking the atmosphere of the bourgeois household, at the same time nostalgic and claustrophobic.These images point to the bourgeois environment with all their hidden secrets, sometimes trivial, sometimes terrible .

For the exhibition, titled Allo! in 2012, Tuymans created a series of wall paintings especially conceived for the rotunda of the Meštrović Pavilion in Zagreb, based upon this suite of lithographs. 

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