Antwerp, your next cruise stop !

Luc Deleu


Materials: Pencil, Indian ink, polyester film

Collection: Collection Reuse NV.

For Luc Deleu the field of visual art was the starting point for the search for a different kind of urban planning, especially one that would be critical, sociological and ecological. With his sometimes ironic, sometimes highly committed proposals, he comments on existing situations by formulating alternatives to them. Antwerp, your next cruise stop ! is the design proposal for a new cruise terminal in the port of Antwerp, an example of the many large urban infrastructure projects and utopian designs he has been working on. Bridging the city on both sides of the river, the terminal also includes a maritime museum. Along with the maquette, a series of drawings elucidate the proposal further. The proposal remains unrealised. It seems that Antwerp has thus far been a city of tunnels rather than bridges.

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