Dennis Tyfus

° 1979

Born in Antwerp (), born in Antwerp (BE).

The Antwerp artist Dennis Tyfus (b. 1979) produces a varied visual oeuvre that is not always exclusively intended for museums or to be collected or shown. As an artist, musician and publisher he produces and distributes drawings, paintings and graphic work, as well as video installations, sculptures and music. This range is expanded with self-designed posters, record covers, flyers, stickers and tattoos. His divergent practice is characterised by the artist's desire to maintain a great street credibility in combination with an anarchist attitude towards the formal contemporary art world. His painting and drawing work is a concentrated activity with a lot of attention for colour and composition. With pen and markers he creates colourful cartoonish drawings with absurd scenes or dialogues.

Text: Hans Willemse
Translations: Michael Meert

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