Fransje Killaars

° 1959

The oeuvre of the Dutch artist Fransje Killaars (°1959) is characterised by textiles and their colours. Through accumulations and shading, she composes a setting which presents itself as an immersive experience.

The layered nature of her work is expressed in striking contradictions: Intimacy versus openness, factory textiles in contrast to handmade materials, mass production as opposed to uniqueness, transparency against seclusion, excessiveness in contrast to a minimalistic structure. The artist plays with patterns – striped, plain, chequered or ornamental – on wool, velvet or damask. The bright colour palette contrasts with the rigid presentation and the abstract linear approach.

The end-results of what is usually classified as so-called high and low art, or of good and bad taste, are brought together in her work and are given a new and generous place.

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