Jan J. Schoonhoven

1914 - 1994

Died in Delft (Netherlands), born in Delft (Netherlands).

Jan Schoonhoven (1914–1994, the Netherlands) started as a draughtsman, inspired by Paul Klee’s poetic expressionism. From the mid-1950s he embarked on the project that would become associated with his name: the monochrome reliefs. These are geometric figurations of non-hierarchical construction, usually colourless to focus all attention on the tones of light falling on the white angular grids. The rectilinear order is often disturbed by the Schoonhoven’s own handwriting. Striving for an impersonal and ‘objective’ art, he was a member of the Informal Group and a founder, with Armando, Jan Hendrikse and Henk Peeters, of the Group Nul in 1960.

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