Ria Pacquée

° 1954

Born in Merksem (BE), lives in Antwerp (BE).

Ria Pacquée (°1954) has been active as an artist since 1979. She portrays casual situations and objects from the everyday world: the street, the market, cemeteries and the desert are her work area.

Initially, her work consists of performances and body art. In the early eighties, for example, she develops the Madame character, exploring her life for several years. She is accompanied by a photographer who captures Madame's experiences. Despite the light humours approach, the photos present an endless loneliness.

Since 1992, Pacquée renounces performance and takes place behind the camera herself. From then on, different series follow. Often, these are pictures of objects found in the street, which are mutually associated through their shape or colour. This way, she shows our environment in a different manner.

Pacquée's later work is characterised by observation, with strong elements of visual anthropology and political commentary.

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