“I love my artist books! They are part of what defines my oeuvre. Without the books (or the prints) the story would not be complete. Once in 1966 in New York, Maurice Girodias, the publisher of Olympia Press in Paris and a friend of ours, asked me to make him a model of a book unlike any other which had ever been published. Although I had never heard of artist books, what I made for him turned out to be an artist book. (…) In 1967, Dieter Roth, already then a past master of bookmaking, and I began to live together. Making books in that atmosphere became for me the most natural, everyday, activity. Do you see what I mean? It's not because there was something outside making books which was the source of my inspiration. Here, at the center of my heart, books were being made.”


Dorothy Iannone

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