Most of the artistic legacy of Jef Lambrecht comes from his own studio, bequeathed to his own non-profit charitable organization ‘Samarkand’ which in turn decided to offer most of the legacy tot the CKV as a pilot test-case. Other parts of his production are to be found with former colleague and co-founder of the BIWA, Karel Schoetens, the state radio BRT, collaborators such as ‘archives patacyclistes’ in Brussels and the archives of Bureau Gruzemayer, (including the partial archives of galleries and artist-run spaces ‘inexistent, AK-37 and Factor 44) Various collaborators to diverse activities no doubt have substantial material, as do publishers of books and catalogues, and to some degree museums & collections.

At this point much collecting and collating has to be done to reach a point of having a decent overview, and from there it can be decided if most of the archive will remain in the CKV or other institution such as Letterenhuis (the literary archive of Flanders) and at such a point the more defined role of Samarkand can be identified.


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