M HKA gaat digitaal

Met M HKA Ensembles zetten we onze eerste échte stappen in het digitale landschap. Ons doel is met behulp van nieuwe media de kunstwerken nog beter te kaderen dan we tot nu toe hebben kunnen doen.

We geven momenteel prioriteit aan smartphones en tablets, m.a.w. de in-museum-ervaring. Maar we zijn evenzeer hard aan het werk aan een veelzijdige desktop-versie. Tot het zover is vind je hier deze tussenversie.

M HKA goes digital

Embracing the possibilities of new media, M HKA is making a particular effort to share its knowledge and give art the framework it deserves.

We are currently focusing on the experience in the museum with this application for smartphones and tablets. In the future this will also lead to a versatile desktop version, which is now still in its construction phase.

Ensemble: Het Concrete [The Concrete]

The Concrete brings together ‘optical’ and ‘kinetic’ works created in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The works are based on tangible materials and structures and relate to our physical and sensorial existence. But they differ from the more familiar abstract art of Late Modernism – not least the American Abstract Expressionist painters (Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Cy Twombly and others), for whom abstraction is often a form of ‘representation’ of the unrepresentable. By contrast, the Concrete becomes a ‘tool’ for intervening in the real (material, social, political) world by exposing and thereby changing its materiality.

Some of the works in this ensemble are shown in Antwerp, while others are exhibited in Eindhoven.

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>Victor Vasarely, Keiho, 1956.Painting, oil, canvas, 195.5 x 130.5 x 2.5 cm.

>Piero Manzoni, Tavole di accertamento, 1958-1960.Print, ink, paper, 8 x (572 x 472 mm).

>Paul Van Hoeydonck, Embedded Cities, 1958.Sculpture, plexi, 11 x 11 x 4 cm.

>Piero Manzoni, Corpo d'aria [Body of Air], 1959-1960.Object, metal, plastic, rubber, whip, paper, 5 x 42.7 x 12.3 cm, 1.5 x 1.5 x 20 cm, 41.5 x 11 cm.

>Yves Klein, Monochrome bleu, sans titre [Blue Monochrome, Untitled], 1959.Painting, pigment, synthetic resin, canvas, wood, 92.4 x 73.7 x 2.6 cm.

>Henk Peeters, Rooktekening [Smoke drawing], 1961.Drawing.

>Henk Peeters, Rooktekening [Smoke drawing], 1961.Drawing.

>Jan J. Schoonhoven, Groot Kwadrantenreliëf, 1964.Painting, latex paint, papier-maché, chipboard, 107,5 x 131,5 cm.

>OHO, Cathedra, Cathedral, Passers-By, 1968.Photography.

>Tomaž Šalamun, Hay, Cornhusks, Bricks, 1969.Photography.

>Paul Van Hoeydonck, City of the Future, 1969.Sculpture, plexi, 10 x 71.5 x 8 cm.

>Paul Van Hoeydonck, Fallen Astronaut, 1971.Sculpture, aluminium, 8.5 x 3 x 1 cm.

>François Morellet, Néon moderne en état de marche [Modern Neon Moving Ahead], 1973.Painting.

>François Morellet, Album plura Edizione.Painting.

>Lucio Fontana, Concetto Spaziale: Attese.Painting, oil, canvas, 130,5 x 97,2 cm.