IE - Intercontinentaal Entrepot


Project covering various aspects of the artistic interventions of Jef Lambrecht, sometimes along with Karel Schoetens (BIWA) and others - concerned with affairs well beyond the daily scope, or theme of the work at hand.

There is this tenuous connection between seemingly disparate projects, due mainly to the chronology of events: the Golden Pipeline was a project for the 'Stad aan de Stroom' and was presented at the Gents Geesten, relating in a direct way to the 'Flemish Head' and trepanation, in turn part of the Laboratory exhibition held in the derelict Freight Station South... In turn becoming the first home of 'Intercontinentaal Entrepot'  something that had already been brewing when Jef got involved with the activities surrounding the Treaty for Antarctica... All converging on the station which then was precursor to the Intercontinental Entrepot 'Skenderbeu' in Kassel, where the BVP/PPB was founded...

A definite case of " one thing leads to another"

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