Jef Verheyen - Works from the 1970s


In the early 1970s, Verheyen paints his Lichtpijlen (‘Light Arrows’), and the laser paintings Eonen (‘Aeons’) and Arkturus. The artist has left Antwerp and now lives and works in Saint-Saturnin-d'Apt (Provence), where he will work very intensely. He now exclusively works with matt lacquer on canvas, and will not continue to do so until the end of his career. His paintings are large, square, composed diagonally and at times conceived as a diptych such as his works Day and Night and Spectra Venetiana. From 1977 onwards, he works on his Ideale Ruimte series, in which he further investigates Piero della Francesca's view on Urbino as the ideal city.

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