Since the end of May 2002, the M HKA has strayed from the beaten track of museum catalogues. The M HKA does not consider a systematic thereof to be one of its core functions. It is rather interested in looking for opportunities to link interesting and flashy publications with its exhibitions, eventually edited as co-productions, preferably in collaboration with a publisher. The M HKA does have considerable expertise in several areas to contribute to this joint venture.
On the level of content, it aims at a form of collaboration with external writers of high rank, and additionally, it intends to pay attention to texts by artists and for the possibilities of the book as a repository of documentation and of information.
The M HKA is also the publisher of the magazine of visual culture AS and, in the future, intends to devote broader attention to reflexive publications. The booklet in cooperation with Boris Groys was a foretaste thereof. 
Additionally, the M HKA also publishes educative publications and informative folders.

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