Spiritual Form


SPIRITUAL FORM             

The idea of Spiritual Form emerged from discussing the work of Philippe Van Snick, Stephen Antonakos and James Lee Byars.

It may seem like a paradox, to have the informal experience of spirituality translated into form. But then, is not in some way any representation – even any word – a paradox, trying to catch something that is always inexhaustible and performative? Art may offer forms that transform the essence of ritualistic capacity into images that allow connection with the intensity embedded in experience. Disengaged from religion, crosses, halos, auras, colors and light may become pure capacity, retaining their ability to stir our inner dimensions.  

Van Snick evokes the sensitive logic of the universe through simple means, blue and black for day and night, ten colours for a cosmic order. Byars writes a letter in the shape of a golden man and offers us the perfect philosophy; a golden needle. It is complemented by a wooden toothpick saying TH FI TO IN PH. (The First Totally Interrogative Philosophy). Antonakos hides the technological elements of neon allowing only the light to emanate from a geometrical shape, introducing spiritual elements in minimalist forms.

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