Ah, Monsieur est Persan...


Factor 44, Antwerpen

04 September 1999 08:00 - 29 September 1999

The exhibition " Ah-ah, Monsieur est Persan! C'est une chose bien extraordinaire! Comment peut-on être Persan?  - Jef Lambrecht licht een tip" was a solo show at Factor 44 in September 1999. 

In it he presented the 365 pages of poetry that partially also made up the 'sheherazade' volume - on the one hand as typescripts for the book, on the other calligraphed pages on thin silky paper which he presented one by one (as performance) op persian carpets - also showing a number of bookworks (also on carpet) and other calligraphy works, both folded as LdL's and lamminated in windows to be able to better see the palimpsest aspect of the work.

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