EXTRA MUROS: Visite Genk - Genkenaren kiezen kunst


C-Mine, Genk

02 July 2014 - 31 August 2014

Under the umbrella term Visite, the M HKA – in collaboration with LOCUS, the hub for libraries, cultural and community centres and local cultural policy - regularly organised exhibitions outside the museum. From 02.07.2014 to 31.08.2014, a number of key works of the M HKA collection were moved to Genk. 

A group of Genk residents took up the challenge of putting together an exhibition that was presented at the C-Mine Cultural Centre. In several sessions, the group was prepared for curatorship. The participants were given an introduction to contemporary art, and immersed themselves in the collection of the M HKA, where they got to know the museum both on, and behind, the scenes.

Even in the communication and public mediation did this curator group take the lead. By integrating this group as fully fledged members of the entire project - together with the various partners - the participants were encouraged to play an active role.

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