NEONLICHT #5 - Pierre Garnier in het archief Paul De Vree


M HKA, Antwerp

13 September 2012 - 01 January 2012

NEON LIGHT, a series of presentations ahead of '25 Years of M HKA, 5 Ensembles', where each month a crucial actor from the world of concrete, sonore and visual poetry was exposed. This was done on the basis of documents from the archive of poet-critic-publisher [PAUL DE VREE]( (1909-1982). The fifth episode of NEON LIGHT shows documents and publications of [Pierre Garnier]( including numbers of [*Vers Univers*]( and [*Les Lettres - poésie nouvelle*]( [Neon Light 1]( (april 2012) was dedicated to Henri Chopin , [Neon Light 2]( (mei 2012) to Ian Hamilton Finlay, [Neon Light 3 ]( (juni 2012) to Paul-Armand Gette and [Neon Light 4]( (juli-augustus 2012) to Eduardo Vigo.

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