Villa Wintermans

Inge Godelaine


Video, 00:50:00.
Materials: Video, fotomontage

Collection: Collectie M HKA, Antwerpen (Inv. no. M00072).

At her own initiative, Inge Godelaine travelled to São Paulo, 18 years after conceptualist Jef Guys had created his architectural intervention. Her purpose was to interview the children, having since grown into adulthood, about their experience with the donated building and artwork donated on the site. The Villa's structure appears to have vanished... pilfered away, its parts repurposed in the houses of the slums, or burnt and/or rotted away. Geys presents Godelaine's film work as the fulcrum of an exhibition on the São Paulo project. With this act, the vanishing of an 'art work' morphs into something eternal, as though the artist wished too quickly to be rid of the transience,  the eventual disappearance of art and architecture.

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