(0-9) punten in de ruimte

Philippe Van Snick


Materials: (0-9) dots in space

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. UFO2021_05).

In February 1979, Ph Van Snick offers this work as a gift to the Gordon Matta-Clark Foundation Antwerp. 

The work comes with the following certificate: Title: (0-9) dots in space; Date: 1979; Material: (0-9) dots in space; Sizes: (0-9) dots in space; Value: Banco; Places, date and signature: Brussels 13 Feb 1979 Van Snick

In a letter, Antwerp, 22nd May 1979, to Dear Mister Van Snick, Flor Bex thanks him for making available an artwork to our association.

bron: Liesbeth Decan en Hilde Van Gelder. Dynamic Project - Philippe Van Snick. ASA Publishers, 2010.

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