Office Baroque (Doors Crossing)

Gordon Matta-Clark


Installation, 198 x 77 x 4 cm.
Materials: wood

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK007593).

Office Baroque (Doors Crossing) is an off-shoot of the 'Office Baroque' project. The work was created in the house of the collector Jo Goldberg and is also part of Office Baroque. The artist gave Jo Goldberg the work because by paying for the necessary plane tickets he had made the creation of Office Baroque possible. Office Baroque (Doors Crossing) is a combination of an original door from Office Baroque (above) and a door from the collector’s house (below) which by means of circular incisions were combined into a single whole. Consequently, it is not just a ‘removal’, but a hybrid of a ‘found object’ and a new site-specific installation. On the one hand it is an 'import', but on the other it is also a new ‘cutting’.

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