8mm Films

Jan Fabre



Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0354).

Edition published by the Association for the Museum of Contemporary Art - Ghent 1991, 17/50

16 8mm films titled: 1) De eindstreep [The Finishing Line], 2) Vechtpartij [Brawl], 3) Russische Roulette [Russian Roulette], 4) Struisvogel met sarmazak [Ostrich with Sarma Bag], 5) Op en neer, op en neer [Up and Down, Up and Down], 6) Hand geeft tekens [Hand Makes Signs], 7) Pol en zijn das [Paul and his Tie], 8) Zelfwurging [Self-strangulation], 9) Dansende voetjes [Dancing Feet], 10) Kussende mond / gesloten en open ogen [Kissing Mouths/eyes open and closed], 11) Nieuwe huid [New Skin], 12) Brandende lucifer [Burning Match], 13) Fonteintje [Fountain], 14) Gestraft? [Punished?], 15) Blazen en zuigen [Sucking and Blowing], 16) Contactstoornissen [Contact Disorder].

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