Aux Dimensions de: quelque chose [In the Dimensions of: Something]

Joëlle Tuerlinckx


Installation, 4.5 seconds.
Materials: carroussel, slides, folder, pictures, triplex

Collection: De Vleeshal Collection, Middelburg (The Netherlands) (Inv. no. VH0276).

Joëlle Tuerlinckx’ slide installation from 1996 Aux dimensions de: quelque chose offers an example of the concerns of what constitutes the rightful object of art: every 4.5 seconds a new slide appears showing three numbers with multiplication signs – a clear suggestion of dimensions and measurements of some kind, but the crucial information (Length? Time? Weight?) is withheld, and with it all possible hints that would help us to reconstitute the object of this numerical description. Yet the object is all too clearly there, in the minimalist outlines of sheer suggestion through convention.

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