Letter to Flor Bex (The Giant)

James Lee Byars


Letter, 158 x 177 cm.
Materials: Inkt op gouden papier

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp / Collection Flemish Community (Inv. no. BK7670_M425).

Letter-writing is an essential part of James Lee Byars’ work. It is an expression of the artist as a drifter and of the work of art as a fleeting occurrence. This golden giant too is portrayed in Byars’ mysterious handwriting, where the corners of each character are embellished with small stars. His letters comprise a whole arsenal of materials ranging from very exclusive types of Japanese and Chinese paper to ordinary sheets of hotel writing paper, tissues and toilet paper. The unusual shapes, such as we see in this very minimalist giant, sometimes assume gigantic proportions or, indeed, minutely small shapes so that we are confronted with a creativity that is visually stimulating and rich. The colour of The Giant has a striking intensity. Byars regards gold as the most abstract manifestation of the sublime. ‘Gold’, Byars once wrote, ‘has such a degree of abstraction that when you use it artistically you already find it is at a sublime level’. Furthermore, it is the reflection of the sun and of the ultimate light. Shortly after creating this work in 1976, Byars introduced this form into Antwerp on a colossal scale. A 245-metre colossus in black tulle, and since known as The Antwerp Giant, was rolled out on the Meir as part of his exhibition in the International Cultural Centre.


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