M HKA gaat digitaal

Met M HKA Ensembles zetten we onze eerste échte stappen in het digitale landschap. Ons doel is met behulp van nieuwe media de kunstwerken nog beter te kaderen dan we tot nu toe hebben kunnen doen.

We geven momenteel prioriteit aan smartphones en tablets, m.a.w. de in-museum-ervaring. Maar we zijn evenzeer hard aan het werk aan een veelzijdige desktop-versie. Tot het zover is vind je hier deze tussenversie.

M HKA goes digital

Embracing the possibilities of new media, M HKA is making a particular effort to share its knowledge and give art the framework it deserves.

We are currently focusing on the experience in the museum with this application for smartphones and tablets. In the future this will also lead to a versatile desktop version, which is now still in its construction phase.

Peak Communism, 2009

Installation, 5 x (50 x 115 x 40 cm), 5 x (35 cm).

©image: M HKA

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK007724).

Erbossyn Meldibekov’s installation Peak Communism of 2009 is a parody on the utopian aspirations of the former Soviet leaders and the proceeding of history. A series of enameled metal pots for home use are turned upside-down and reformed into a mountainous landscape. The image alludes to the central mountain peak in the Pamir Mountains; the pot on the left presents the moment it was simply called Garma (‘mountain’), beside that the moment is presented it was named after Stalin, since it was the highest peak in the USSR, in the centre it is looming as ‘Peak Communism’, as it was renamed after 1952, at the right of that in its present remodeling, being now named after the nationalist hero Ismoil Simoni, and at the far right in an open end without any name. By transforming a mundane object of everyday use into a symbol of state ideology, Meldibekov expresses an ironic view on ideology as being nothing more than an empty mould. In the adjoining documentary photos Meldibekov shows how the numerous ‘heroic’ monuments throughout the region have been effectively remodeled over the past years.

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>Installation view of 'Peak Communism' in M HKA

>installation view of 'Peak Communism' by Yerbossyn Meldibekov during 'Reflecties' at Herentals (2012).


> Erbossyn Meldibekov.

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