Bing II



Object, 150 x 300 cm.
Materials: metal, balsa wood, plexiglas

Collection: Collection Galerie Jos Jamar, Antwerp.

Panamarenko developed Bing of the Ferro Lusto and Bing II as hybrid machines suitable for flying through both the atmosphere and outer space. They were intended to travel between the planets and the cosmic mother-ship Ferro Lusto, and these flying saucers have to be seen as part of a much larger whole. Bing II was powered using air and has three 4D booster engines developed on the basis of the Toymodel of Space theory. The engine consists of two cylinders set in parallel in a metal block. Four pistons make alternate upward and sideways movements. The drive power develops on the basis of the difference in speed and mass in contrast with the direction of movement of the earth and solar system, boosted by centrifugal force. Panamarenko was optimistic about the good performance of the device: ‘If my theory is right, it signals of the bankruptcy of all the oil sheiks, because I directly tap the energy of the Big Bang…’


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